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Finding Ways to Improve the Lives of Grade School Children
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Can Siblings Be Tutors?

What is more convenient than having an older child who has been what your younger child is going through in school? If the holder child has gotten better grades in the area that your other child is having problems in, should they be able to help? It sounds like a great idea but if you analyze the situation carefully, it actually may do more harm than good. Your older child may have done excellent in that subject but it all boils down to sibling rivalry. It may sound crazy but it is true. If the younger child feels that they are in the shadow of the older sibling then having that sibling help can make it worse. Think about it, as a parent you may see a cheap solution to a problem that can be simply fixed by an older sibling. But the younger sibling may not learn too much from an older sibling especially if they feel like they are showing off. Your younger child may feel like the older child is being more superior and therefore, you are going to hear about more fights than anything else. It could harm the lear...


Do Employers View Private College Education As Equivalent To Community College Education?

Choosing where to go for post secondary education has gotten harder in the last few years. Even though there are more choices and options available, there are also more people going to college and entering the workforce. Future graduates have always had to think about a college's location, price, accommodation, curriculum and reputation, and nowadays they also have to think about what their school will look like on their resume when looking for work in the future. A lot of students have the bad habit of changing their minds about what career they would like to have, and unfortunately, this comes with changing majors. Some changes are small, but there are students that completely change direction and have to alter their course load, and this would be more difficult at a private college. Private colleges are much more expensive, and it would cost a student an awful lot of money to change his or her mind! These days, a student has to make extra sure that they know exactly what they want to do for a living befo...


To Consolidate or Not to Consolidate Your Student Loans

Find it hard to find unbiased information on student loan consolidation? Let me help with that. When I graduated from college, I had somewhere around $12,000 in student loan debt. Seeing how I would have multiple payments to different lenders, and fearing increasing rates over time (yes, your rate can vary depending on the loan type and the lender), I decided to investigate a potential consolidate student loan. But before I tell you what decision I made, let me give you a few benefits and problems with student loan consolidation:Benefits 1. The ability to make a single payment with a single lender, thus reducing the headache of paying multiple lenders. 2. Most lenders offer a fixed rate of interest over the life of the loan. 3. Typically, consolidate student loan companies will offer a lower interest rate than many of your current student loans. 4. Lenders will usually offer a longer repayment period, thus allowing for a lower monthly payment. 5. Student loan interest is tax deductible, thus making ...


A Few Ideas To A Holistic Remedy In Dealing With Kids With Hyperactivity

Children with ADHD run the risk of suffering, from the long-term side effects, that the medications prescribed by their physician, have on the developing brain. Also, at risk are heart related problems, psychiatric disturbances, and or have the increased potential for abuse.Most of the well known drugs in the treatment of ADHD include antidepressants, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Aderall, mood stabilizers, as well as, a variety of other medications. While there are some prescription medications with the lesser of the extreme side effects, there has been proven to be some very successful natural treatments, as well. Some of which are listed below.1. Diet: The diet plays a key role in the life of a child. Some foods are actually contributors to enhancing the symptoms of ADHD. Foods that are processed, containing large amounts of sugars and additives as well as preservatives have been proven to actually aggravate the symptoms. An alternative would be a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean ...


Outdoor Activity Gives You Healthy Kids

The physical benefits of a child playing with outdoor toys are evident in children who enjoy playing outside. It is a not secret that obesity, along with other health issues, is a growing problem in children and is part due to lack of time kids spend outdoors. Being overweight increases the possibility of many different health conditions. When a child plays outdoors, riding a bike, swinging or running amuck he or she is more likely to stay at a healthy weight, an important precursor for their adult body weight. Obesity is only one problem that is associated with kids not playing outdoors; many kids are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is important for the body to absorb calcium and control the protein and rennin that is associated with blood pressure. When kids spend time outdoors, the sunshine helps their bodies to make the vitamin D that they need for ideal overall health. Because playing outdoors with toys gives kids the opportunity to run, climb, jump, ride, yell and use excess energy, it can also lead to...


Is Your Child Struggling in School? Get Him (Or Her) Music Lessons

It is counterintuitive to add more studies to the schedule of an already busy child. Our natural response to seeing our child struggle is to find a way to help, not to add to the burden. If a child is struggling, why should we risk setting them up for failure in music lessons?The answer is simple. Playing music has been discovered to have a direct and almost immediate effect on the brain of the student. That's right. Music lessons have been shown in a German study to have a significant impact on the way the brain functions after as little as five weeks! What they found, when comparing a group of students taking music lessons with a control group that was not, was that students who had taken as few as ten music lessons over a five week period exhibited a significant ear to hand link. So? What's the big deal? Life doesn't make much use of ear to hand connections unless you want to play an instrument by ear (I've always thought that provoked a strange mental picture; imagine the ears you would have to h...


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